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Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, Gina DiStefano Fernandez attended Union College, a private liberal arts school in Upstate New York majoring in Psychology.  She also had the privilege of studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany.  Shortly after graduation, Gina moved to Washington, DC to begin her professional career.  She found work in banking, starting in sales and was quickly promoted to management.  Just as fast as she moved up, she knew she needed to move on.  Banking was not for her.  It was a great experience; Gina gained a vast knowledge of operations and management.  After leaving, she took a couple of in-between jobs she also knew were not for her.  However, Gina was not discouraged.  From an early age, she always knew everything was going to work out.  She believes if you jump, a net will appear. 

“At that time in my life, I didn’t understand the complexity of the hiring process.  I spent my days sending my resume everywhere and went on numerous interviews with nothing really panning out. One day, the phone rang and “Marcia” introduced herself as a recruiter looking to hire a recruiter.  She was seeking to fill a position at an up-and-coming, well known, prominent firm.  I was confused. I had no experience in recruiting. The recruiter identified the skills I did have, combined with my personality and passions and guided me through the entire process, including how to write a great resume and prepare for an interview. With her help, I landed the job which launched my career in Talent Acquisition and People Development.”

A few years later, Gina’s father passed away and she moved back to Western, MA to be closer to her family.  She then joined Taco Bell, a division of YUM! Brands Corporation.  She worked in HR, specializing in Talent Acquisition for almost 10 years while gaining an invaluable amount of experience working for the brand.  She interacted and directly supported brilliant leaders, operators and HR professionals and had exposure to all areas of the business, witnessing first-hand how a successful, multi-billion dollar corporation was run.  Gina also took the opportunity to further her education through e-Cornell University and participated in numerous high-level training and workshops, while traveling the country covering several markets.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
– Socrates

“During my time with Taco Bell, I was settled and comfortable but knew something was missing.  I started looking at my life and questioning everything. I wasn’t fulfilled.  It took a long time to figure out the missing piece.  I wasn’t an athlete, artist, writer, cook, singer, fashionista… and then one day it hit me.  I am a business owner.  I needed to run my own business in Talent Acquisition and People Development.”

Fast forward to the past few years, and you’ll find Gina successfully running her own company. GDF Coaching, LLC., works with hundreds of clients with diverse needs and backgrounds. Gina’s process is unique; addressing each client as an individual and not putting them in a one-size-fits-all box.

Today…Gina is a happy mother of 2 amazing sons, business owner, public speaker, dog person, hospice volunteer, youth sports coach and wine lover.  She lives each day in gratitude and appreciates all of life’s challenges, for she believes they are truly amazing opportunities in disguise.