Large, corporate organizations often have solid internal HR departments. However, when we’re sitting in the problem, we’re not seeing it from an external perspective, no matter how good we are at our jobs.  I have the ability to assess from a neutral angle, bringing additional support and best-demonstrated practices I have learned from working for one of the most successful multi-billion dollar corporations in the world.  Let me take a look under your corporate hood to see how we can partner and quickly get things turned around.

I can help you discover what’s really going on in your organization, gain alignment, and improve workplace culture.

The right culture is imperative in order for an organization to run successfully. Too often, companies are under the false impression that all is well.  Employees become fearful to speak up, so they continue to go with the flow and hold back real concerns and honest feedback.  Everyone is “drinking the Kool-Aid” so to speak. Powerful leaders want to know but may not know how to create an atmosphere where their people feel safe to speak up.  I construct an environment where individuals feel supported to voice their true thoughts.  I partner with the leader to form a strategic plan of action ensuring everyone is aligned with the vision of the organization, expectations are clearly set and proper execution is carried out.

I coach leaders on how to effectively utilize their ability to influence and motivate. I equip and empower leaders with the right tools, techniques, and strategies to gain buy-in and enthusiasm from their people; improving results and productivity.

Complimentary 30 minute consultations offered

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